BIGMAX Announced Their New Line of Marine Cranes

Drive Products, one of the leading truck crane companies in North America has announced the launch of their new website highlighting two lines of marine cranes now available for distribution in the United States, Canada, Central America and South America.

The Drive Products marine cranes will be available in two complementary lines:

  • BIGMAX mono-boom telescopic cranes, which are smaller and less expensive, yet still offer the features that make them suitable for harsh marine weather and exposure to corrosive ocean conditions.
  • Amco Veba marine cranes, which are larger articulated cranes with a longer reach, higher lift capacity and the benefit of additional boom articulation.

Drive Products has been supplying cranes since 1990 to customers which include commercial vessels, fishing fleets, Canadian Coast Guard, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, military patrol, aquaculture vessels, fire and emergency response boats, tugboats, crab boats, private fishing boats and marine docks.

For more information about marine cranes for sale, please visit the new website at

Laptop Mounting Solution

Laptop Mounts for Crane Operators

Crane truck command center

Crane truck command center

Laptop mounting solutions for crane operators has just gotten a whole lot easier. Whether it is a truck mounted crane or a marine crane application. The new mounting solution from Pro Desks is set up with a variety of solutions for mounting, it can be done directly to the seat rails of big rigs, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, etc. and there are available units for all the Ford Superduty up to and including the F 750.

These new laptop truck desks are also available with a flat base plate that allows mounting on any type of surface for marine, agricultural and commercial operation equipment.

Be sure to check them out at Pro Desks online.

Crane Lifting Accessories

Crane accessories can turn any sized and planted crane into a versatile construction machine. Don’t be stingy with applying crane-lifting accessories. They are sometimes absolutely necessary for getting the job done well. Though a variety of accessories are at constructors’ disposal today, the core rotators, grabs, and augers are the best ones to rely on for a sturdy job.

Do I need accessories?

Accessories make any task doable by both amateur and veteran constructors. It is recommended they be utilized for expanded reach and secure undertakings. Accessories like rotators and grabs give the crane lifter greater reach and visibility while completing a project. Visibility is priceless when it comes to high-risk construction projects.

Research for quality accessories

Though accessories are supplemental for any project, it’s important to do your research and buy quality accessories. Weak, poorly made accessories can actually make a project more dangerous than it was from its inception. Relying on crane accessories for visibility and stability is risky if they’re poorly constructed. Take the time to research them thoroughly before applying them to your task.

BIGMAX and Amco Veba Marine Cranes

In the under 40 ton meter class of marine cranes, BIGMAX and Amco Veba Sealand cranes have many advantages compared with other brands. Essentially, Drive Products has raised the bar when it comes to the smaller marine crane market!

Marine Crane for Hoisting Materials from Dock to Deck

Marine Crane for Hoisting Materials from Dock to Deck

Features and Benefits:

  • Rugged oil bath rotation systems
  • Dual rack and pinion slewing
  • Standup pedestal controls
  • Three levels of marinization

In addition, both the BIGMAX and the Amco Veba articulated marine cranes have heavy duty lift cylinders, similar to those used on large excavators with a threaded steel cylinder head rather than a snap ring that is more typical of the industry.